A letter to our partners





Dear colleagues,

Our Polish and Czech students have been working on an eTwinning project called “Safetiquette” (Safe Ticket for Young Internet Users).

We have created many activities but our most important outcome is the leaflet of safety for our friends here and there.

We are sending you the materials to be used in your lessons, hoping they will help to protect your students against the dangers on the Net.

You can find the leaflet and more on the project site: http://www.ajl.maweb.eu/ .

Please, attach the link onto your school websites if possible, will you?

We kindly ask you to send us any feedback on how the leaflet was used in your lessons.

Best wishes,

Mirosława  Dyka-Płonka (Rydułtowy, Poland)

Eva Kominkova and Magdalena Zlamalova (Brno, Czech Republic)






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