About us

Technical and Economical College,

Olomoucká Brno

High school providing secondary education in various fields – IT, economics, machinery, electronics and others. The school is currently attended by approximately 1200 students. The school participates in various international projects including Leonardo and eTwinning.http://www.iss-copbrno.cz/


Zespoł Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych Nr 1 wRydułtowach


Our school is a student-friendly, small, secondary comprehensive school in Rydułtowy, the region of Silesia, Poland. We study general subjects as: Polish, Maths, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, IT, History, Biology, P.E. and foreign languages.
Our English teachers are trying to teach us the target language with the help of music, drama and social-oriented issues to grow our multi-cultural awerness. Our school has already taken part in Sokrates and Comenius projects with partners from Germany, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Turkey, Finland. We have also experienced culture workshops “Enter Your Future” run by university students from Japan, India , Italy, China, Serbia, Indonesia and Tadzikistan.
We go to English workshops in the UK, staying at British families’ every year. Our English group has also got extra classes on British culture.





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