Activity 7: Matching Table Task

  1. Match PRECAUTIONS / ADVICE with RESULTS / REASON (be sure you look new words up in a dictionary).
  2. Compare your version of matching with your project partner.  Discuss.
  3. Publish your final version.


 1+J: Don’t give out your credit or debit card details. You can part with your savings then, somebody could use it.

2+K: Take extra care when meeting new people on social networking websites. You could experience indecent relationship with them.

3+J: Use secure websites to manage your e-banking account. (Those which use encrypted connection – https (signalized by a padlock icon). You can avoid financial abuse this way.

4+N: You shouldn’t reply to abusive/threatening messages or emails, the chance of cyberbullying would increase.

5+C: Ensure that all your on-line friends’ profiles really belong to those who you meet in reality. Some of you on-line friends couldn’t be those who they claimed to.

6+B: Don’t use webcam to call someone you don’t know. Once you use it, he would get to know how you look like.

7+M: Don’t believe everything you see online, there are lots of false identities and much false information on the internet.

8+F: It’s important to use Antivirus or Antispyware programs to guard your PC against viral attacks.

9+E: You should update the security programs to be secure against the latest viruses.

10+G: Don’t give out your personal information to anyone you don’t know personally, you can never know who reads your shared stuff.

11+L: Don’t share any of your passwords or login credentials, you would allow strangers to access your e-mail, private data from social networks or instant messaging servers.

12+D: Share films, photos or opinions smartly in order to protect your online identity and reputation.

13+H: If you meet cyberbullying, report it to police or website administrator. It’s the only way to stop cyberbullies and avoid their future actions.

By Marek Omasta


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