Our project


The main aim of the project is to share ideas and experience about safety on the Internet.
The project involves a mindmapping and learning the basic vocabulary on the topic, a short
survey among the students in partner schools, defining a set of rules for safe use of Internet,
exchange of the students’ personal experience on social networking and its role in the lives of
teenagers in different countries. Grammar practice: modal verbs, expressions of advice
The main product should be a leaflet with practical advise on the safe use of Internet and a letter of advice for new Internet users (e.g. students from Tunisian, Egyptian schools)


Did u know ?

 Twenty-eight percent of tweens (ages 8 to 12) have been contacted over the Internet by
someone they don‟t know
 32% of all teens and 43% of teens active in social networking have been contacted online by a
complete stranger

 Youth ages 15 to 17 are the most prone to taking risks involving contacting unknown people

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